The Joy of Gifting

I did it! For once. I sent packages. Early!

Yes early.

Generally, I am that person who is standing in an hours long line, trying to make sure these packages get to my loved ones just in time for Christmas….like Christmas Eve time for Christmas.

I don’t know why I fail at this. I have every good intention, start early, and then _____. I don’t know.

But this year, I am up on this. I starting shopping early-ish and knew what I wanted right away. I only had to ship gifts to my sister and her family this year because we are taking a wee bit of a road trip to Ohio this year to deliver presents, and myself, to the rest of my family for the holiday break. Given my excitement for wrapping this holiday season, I was so anxious to decorate the gifts that I got done pretty quickly.


My sister’s package, complete with craft paper, polka dot ribbon and a little knitted tree. Did I mention that this ribbon is two-sided? One side polka dots and the other side stripes. How can I get so excited about these sorts of things?!




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