Keeping Toasty, Knitter Style

A little sidetrack from all of the holiday knitting posts.

It is cold… And I am ridiculously happy. This is the best time of year for a knitter; thirty degree temperatures are a knitters dream and for the first time since I’ve moved to Texas it is chilly! WINTER! As I dug through my massive bag of chunky self-made knits, I just grew happier and happier.

I can wear this, and THIS! Ooh, and my gloves….yessssss!


So this is what today consisted of, my Art Deco Cloche to keep my head from freezing, lovely.






toastyAnd my Smitten Mittens to keep my hands toasty. As I type this, they are still freezing and I feel like the Tin Man. Would it be ridiculous of me to sport these in my office?

Peace n Fleece,



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