Santa’s Hat

santa hat

It just doesn’t get any cuter than this.

Well perhaps it could, but only if there was a picture of the  receiver of this little hat. This was knit to add a little something extra on my niece and nephew’s Christmas gifts…these are the only people who get away with calling me Allie….and that is mostly because it is prefaced by “Aunt” and I love them like crazy. I wish I could be there when they open up gifts!

Santa’s Hat

This sweet, little Santa Hat is courtesy of Natural Suburbia again. I told you there is lots of cuteness on this site!

Instead of including the little poof, I just crochet chained for a while (this is pretty much the only thing I can do in crochet), I believe 10 -12 to make the hats hang-able. The kiddos are having fun with their very own Christmas trees so this will be a sweet extra gift for them to enjoy.

Peace n Fleece,



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