Mickey’s Holiday Photo Shoot

2013 Holiday Shoot!

Featuring a very angry Santa cat.

First up, murder face:


Nothing says Merry Christmas than a silent, serial killer stare.

Then, swat! Obviously had enough of our shenanigans.


I would claw your eyes out if I could get through this beard…

Trying to make up for the humiliation, I took off his Santa gear and took this portrait. I believe this face says, “If I stay still she will get tired of this and it will all be over…”


“I am so going to pee all over your clothes tonight…”

To make matters worse, he then was forced to body rock at the cruel hands of my guy. Then he fell asleep like this, oh the shame.



Geez Louise…. The holidays are rough.




2 thoughts on “Mickey’s Holiday Photo Shoot

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