Secret Santa Week

Secret Santa Week at my workplace was the greatest week ever! Each day of the week, we had to leave a little gift for our recipient, the total reaching under twenty bucks. On Friday, we get to hand deliver our last gift of the week to unveil ourselves as their Secret  Santa.

I got el jefe. The boss lady.

And was nervous! But as I read her little questionnaire we filled out to help our Santas’ pick gifts, I breathed a sigh of relief. She loves holiday flavored coffee, hot chocolate, glazed nuts and lavender.

This I can handle.

The week’s breakdown:

Monday – I gave a cone filled with glazed pecans that my guy’s sister made. They are delish. I attached a little Santa Hat proclaiming myself as the secret jolly Santa. I received a bag full of York Peppermint Patties. They were gone in two days. I had to go for a jog/walk. My Secret Santa is witty and wrote on the bag “Enjoy something refreshing”. Don’t mind if I do!


El jefe’s gifts.

Tuesday – I made a Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix (love you Pinterest!). I poured a few packets of hot chocolate, broke up a dark chocolate bar and topped it with an unhealthy dosage of mini marshmallows. I’ve been diligently working on the rest of the bag since. I received an Aggie key-chain with my name on it, love! My bag said “Enjoy something Aggie!” They are definitely trying to convert me….

Wednesday – I gave a square of Aggie post-it notes, wrapped up with a little Santa boot on it. I learned that afternoon that el jefe loved the knits and had been placing them on a cat statue she has in her office. Made note that he needs another boot. Score! I received a sleeve of Kit Kat bars with a note that said “Don’t forget to take a break”. They were gone the next day. Need to run again.


Gifts from my Secret Santa!

Thursday – I gave a Glad Lavender candle and wrapped with said second Santa boot. Kitty’s got a set! I received the most adorable owl note set from World Market. In love with! The note said “Have a hoot writing a note with these”.

Friday – I climbed up to el jefe’s office and gave her the last gift, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Via’s. I got to see the adorable cat statue all decked out in my knits. I was too embarrassed to take a picture, but the crazy person I am really wanted to . I think she really enjoyed everything and that made me so happy! My Secret Santa, my office mate across the hall, came over to give me his last gift, a $10 gift card to Pita Pit, nom!

Best. Week. Ever.




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