My Furry Loves

I spent my entire weekend engulfed in fur, saliva and mud.

Sounds fun, right?

I am lucky enough to have many furry loves in my life. From my man Mickey, our two labs Shiner and Eve and my guy’s family pets, there is never a moment at home where I do not have furry feet stomping underfoot.

Let me introduce:

My Mickey

This is pretty much what he does all day. My guy and I document his day through pictures identical to this one.


lazy bum

He starts his day off by staring at me in an attempt to wake me up, sometimes it works. After screaming at me (a.k.a. encouraging me to feed him), he plops down on the right side of our couch, business exposed (see left). This is how he greets my man in the morning. Then Mickey moves to one of his other relaxing areas, say the beanbag my guy placed out for him. Then it is off to the other relaxation spot, his cat bed. Then maybe he will sit on his cat condo and jeer at the dogs in the back yard for a few hours. Once I come home, he is usually sleeping on my guy’s books (or “helping study”). At this time, he whines at me for another hour or so before I will feed him again. Then back to relaxation until the lizards appear in the window and he works off his grub by attempting to scratch them through glass. It is a very busy life my love leads. He loves to sit on my guy’s chest to smother him, snuggle with me (on his terms only) and doesn’t love it when we make him dress up, dance or poke his belly fat. I love him.

The Labs

Shiner and Eve, my new kids. Bundles of energy and love. Shiner is a big guy and a bit of a loving bully. He wants all – ALL –  of the attention. How could you want to to pet her when I’m here?? He is full of love and makes incredible “ahhh” faces when you scratch his belly. He is also not to be messed with, as I found out during a fierce growling session last night directed at neighbor dog.


feed me, love me, yes?

Then there is sweet Eve. I love when she sees me rounding the corner and jumps up and down out of complete excitement. While Shiner loves all of us, Eve’s undying adoration for her dad is apparent and it puts a huge smile on my face. She is a happy girl, all she wants to go for walks and be chased. Whenever I go out for a jog she makes gut-wrenching whines that just kills me. And when we give her a bone she tries to taunt Shiner with it so he would chase her around the yard. Shiner is always too busy for this, because he is obviously on a mission to break his last record in bone destruction. I love my new new children.

Oh, Joy

Then there’s Joy. Joyous. My guy bought her for his mother and she is quite the bundle of joy. She is fiercely territorial, loves to love and be loved and hugs on to my rear with both little arms around my leg whenever I’m standing still. She also likes to put her happy face right in yours.


oh hi, face

For instance, this picture was taken shortly after she got in my face and bumped her tooth on mine.

If you’ve never tooth-bumped with a dog, I really don’t recommend it. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to hug that face? His mom and dad also have two other furries loves, cats who get bullied by Joy and are typically hiding under beds. They are fascinated by me, particularly when I knit and tend to sit just out of reach so they can have a serious staring session.

These are my children, my happiness. I am completely obsessed with animals. When I was little, my sister says I was like the little girl on Animaniacs who ssqueeeezes her poor, miserable cat. I just can’t help it. For the most part, I think they may enjoy it a little bit too (Mickey will only be squeezed for food).

Who are the furry loves in your life? If you post a picture of your furry loved one, particularly if it is dressed up fancy, I will love you forever and maybe you’ll get a squeeze too….




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