Happiness, 2012

tarThe year 2012 has been wondrous. I love my new life in Texas more than words can say. Though I didn’t make a list, I found that I really don’t need a list. Throughout the year,  I learned how to make tamales, knitted more than last year, and gained then lost, then gained a few pounds. I’ve spent a happy year traveling, learning the history of my new state and soaking up all of the delicious tastes of Texas. I’ve had ginormous changes in my life, from a big move, new job to a new hair color. Happiness is the only word I can think of to describe the past year.

It’s been a while since I’ve made New Year’s resolutions. In years past, I have written down twelve goals, one for each month, of things I would really just like to do. I think I made lists because I just wanted to dream and I needed something in my life to fill emptiness. I yearned for so much more in my life. Last year I didn’t make any list and look at what an amazing year it was.

The moral of this story? NO LISTS! Just do it. I know what I want more than ever and I do not have to be determined to be happy or try to be happy any longer. I just am.

It’s hard to imagine that I could have another year as happy as this one, but I can smile knowing it will be. Here’s to 2013, a year filled with more outdoor adventure, crafting, eating, friend-making, time spent with family (human & furry) and love.




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