On Responsibility

So you’ve heard I’ve taken up with a new craft, have you? Erm, I move a little fast. I jest, you know I love knitting and will never, ever be able to give it up. As much as I want to jump right into my new craft love, I need to be responsible and practice restraint. Something I am not very good at when it comes to knitting. I start projects, stop them, start a whole new one and then wonder why I have a half finished purse and three socks that don’t match.


I am officially an excited procrastinator. What is this you ask? An excited procrastinator is someone who is so crazy excited about a project that she cannot stop talking about it but cannot actually do it until realizing it is the last moment. She can be found saying things like:

Oh, I’ll just totally knit that too!

Oh, I have loads of time until _____. {insert: Christmas, baby shower, birthday}

Shit, today is WHAT?

Being responsible is realizing that you only have so much time and that you should either

1. Limit Yourself or 2. Start Early.

Remember the baby bib I started in What a Quack? That was the first item I planned on making for an upcoming baby shower for a special someone in my life. After this great idea came others like it

  • baby booties, those are quick right?
  • a shirt for new baby with this adorable little owl that I will just whip right up
  • stuffed birdies!!!!
  • Grrr….I hated that bib, so I’m making a new one

Double Sigh.

The baby shower is in late January. I guess I better step it up, huh? At least I finished this one on our Christmas roadtrip.


Said second bib, knit out of hatred for the first.


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