Photobook: Christmas 2012 – Amish Country

Thank you Amish Mafia.

Of all of my trips home for the holidays, I never once thought of stopping by Amish Country. It wasn’t until my guy and his friend started on about Amish Mafia on television. We knew we had to go.

Only a short drive my my hometown, we wound our way to the Sugarcreek area in Ohio. We passed fields and fields of farms, got stuck behind horse-drawn wagons and sample some of the best cheese on earth.

This is now a must-see each time we go back.


cold. snowy. beautiful.


Amish grocery where we purchased loads of sausage, bacon, bread, fry pies and jam. Pretty sure my sesame sticks were not made by Amish….but delicious regardless.

Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks


ginger beer

Spicy, tasty ginger beer to go with all that cheese.


Someone in our group may or may not have went through the cheese tasting line twice….


Cheese making at the Heine Cheesery (I just made that word up)


Cheesin’ with my favorite lady, my G.



The. End.


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