Christmas 2012: Photobook

gulpWe roadtripped it for Christmas and spent many days driving from Texas to Alabama, Alabama to Ohio then back again from the Ohio Valley to Cincinnati, then to Little Rock and finally home! It was exhausting and fun.  I feel so lucky to have so many friends and family from coast to coast that we could just take a look at the map and realize we could visit friends along the way.

After nine states and approximately 3,000 miles, here’s what I’ve learned about our United States:

1. There are no less than 20 adult superstores on highways from Texas to Ohio. Boobie Bungalow in northern Alabama is the most inventive.
2. Billboards that say “Does highway advertising work? Just did!” are stupid.
3. Arkansas has the most churches in the nation per square mile. I know this having counted eleven churches in seven miles.
4. I hate being cold.
5. Homes decorated with lots of confederate flags are generally very trashy, regardless of what state you are in.

Other than my keen observations from the highway, I enjoyed seeing friends, eating too much, visiting Amish Country and giving gifts. Here are just a few of my most loved sights and sounds.


Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house

menfolk talking

Watching my grandpap talk my boyfriend’s ear off, sharing war stories.


Enjoying some fun time with little ones. What a gorgeous family!

fish market

Coleman’s Fish Market, where I used to gag at the fish eyeballs (and still kinda do)

best sandwich on earth

The only reason I go to Colemans, the greatest fish sandwich on Earth, yum!


Stumbling on a whole heard of Canadian geese and mallard ducks at Schiller Park in Columbus


My guy trying out his new duck call I gave him for Christmas…thankfully not playing it in the car at this point.


Thurmann’s scrumptiousness – Columbus


Spending time under a warm blanket with a sweet puppy!

It was a blast, but I have to say I was so happy to see the temperature climb as we made our way back to Houston. Warmth!




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