All I Want(ed) for Christmas

Let’s face it. Most knitting tools and materials are a foreign language to non-knitters. DPNs, what? This is why the KnitPicks WishList could possibly be the greatest thing on Earth.

For Christmas each year, my mom asks me what I have been wanting and usually I have a bunch of knitting tools I have been coveting. I really wanted to make gift giving easy on my parents this year and most of the things I wanted were a tad difficult to describe. I’m pretty sure if I told my father that I wanted a roll to keep my double pointed knitting sock project together, he would have given me a cardboard toilet paper roll. This is the man who suggested I eat a block of cheese and lunch meat when I begged for Lunchables in elementary school.

I keep a running wishlist at KnitPicks so I can document the knitting tools I dream of purchasing and yarns I want for upcoming projects (I can’t wait ’til you come out Stroll Tonal in Pacific!). So I shared this list with them this year and Santa got me some pretty rad gifts – things I think every knitter should own (click the titles for links to the interwebs):

The Sock Yarn Needle Holder

knit picks dpn holder

For anyone who has struggled to find a friendly way to travel with your sock project without poking through your canvas bag…ta-da!

The Pretty Yarn Cutter

Knit Picks Yarn Cutter

Because yarn cutters should be efficient and look neat

The Super Fancy Needle Case

Knit Picks ZipperedNeedleCase

I wanted this case for my DPNS but they didn’t fit. Meh. However, my Interchangeable set fits perfectly and they too desperately needed a new home.

The Needle Stay-Together-er


I just never tire of organization ideas. Should I?

The Yarn Ball Winder

Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

Yarn needed to wind….STAT!

Above pictures courtesy of KnitPicks

And for all of my knitterly blogging needs, I am way more than crazy excited to have a new iPad stylus and the most fancy thing I’ve ever owned, a King Ranch iPad case from my guy. We went on a little personal tour of King Ranch last spring and had I had coveted something lovely and leather from their gifts shop. He’s a pretty great gift giver.

ipad gear

Fancy Schmancy!


3 thoughts on “All I Want(ed) for Christmas

  1. Ooooh lala! How fun is that King Ranch leather cover?! Love ALL of your knitterly tools. Might need to grab those sock needle holders! I have a goal to make SOCKS this year–could one in handy!!

    • Fancy, yea?! And yes to sock knitting! I actually bought the Knit Picks Sock Cocktail Kit when I first started learning and the pattern that came with the kit is the one I still use today, I think I have it memorized!

      • I am certain I have asked you this before, and now just cannot remember the answer, but do you happen to have that sock pattern somewhere handy? I LOVE those that you do and I have been Ravelry searching for a good beginner sock pattern. I got some lovely Knit Picks sock yarn last year that is just itching to be used! That might be next on the list… maybe. 😉

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