Webby Feet

Whew! I am furiously knitting my way through a slew of baby items that I got really excited about and failed to start early enough to ensure I wouldn’t go crazy. Also, i really need to stop adding projects to this list. Thankfully, these are baby items so they don’t take as long to knit, hooray!

Here’s my list (erm, so far):

  1. Baby bib #1 – meh
  2. Baby bib #2 – less meh…but still, meh (trust me, it takes great pictures but in person is less than exciting)
  3. Duck Feet Baby Booties!


I am in love with these.

It is a very stormy day here and how fitting that I’m writing about these when I could have used webbed feet getting out the door today.

I wanted to do a little duck feet and bib combo for the baby shower and while I’m less than enchanted with the bib, I’m completely taken over by squeals every time I look at these booties.

Worked from the pattern Blue Booby Booties on Ravelry, these are a quick knit if you are looking for a fast, “oooh worthy” knit for a baby shower. I only knit while watching TV in the evening and I would say it took me approximately 3-4 nights of TV watching. Though the booties look like they would be hard, they are surprisingly easy-ish. Make sure you know how to knit in the round, k2tog, increase stitches and do a wrap and turn.

At this point, all I have left are these adorable stuffed birds. I would like to make enough to be used for a mobile or just decoration, since the theme of here room is birds, mostly owls (I will steal this child’s decor, I’m sure). So, now that I have some time left, guess who thinks it would be a great time to add a few more projects into the mix? Ug.




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