Meet Bubo

ImageHe’s a tad strange, I realize this. But strange cute, not strange creepy I guess.

Bubo is one of those last minute projects I thought I’d add on to the growing collection of knitted baby items for the baby shower I’m attending this weekend. I started making tiny birds, but am not in love with them. Bubo came up in a search for stuffed owls and who could say no to this creature with his ginormous eyes and misshapen body?

Bubo’s pattern cane be found on Ravelry here:

Given the size of my carry-on, I was short on size, so opted the knit Bubo the small. I think I may have been a few rows short, but Bubo the Small’s eyes proved to be way too large for his body when all of the pieces were done. The lesson here is, watching an important football game while knitting is counterproductive.

I must say, he is quite the looker.




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