Blogging Lines

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately. I like writing; I miss writing. I haven’t really written since my Master’s thesis days, which really just consisted of lots of procrastination, i.e. Tyra Banks Show watching, smoking and bursts of inspiration in the shower. Shame (I’ve since quit smoking, thankfully and learned to keep a notepad just outside the shower). I read quite a few blogs and finally just caught up on my blog reading after the holiday break. At some point, I think I had approximately 400 posts to read. I’ve since slimmed down my RSS feed a bit. During my RSS feast, I’ve noticed a couple things about the way I read:

1. I don’t. I skim. If it’s something I like, I will pause. If I’m not entranced in exactly 1.5 seconds, I move on. This I already knew from social media marketing training in my old job, but it’s interesting when you notice these habits in yourself.

2. I like pictures.

3. I like lists.

4. I detest long paragraphs.

5. I like themes that I can follow and look forward to from the writer.

Hence, my blogging plan for the next year.

Well, I don’t really have a plan yet, but I’m working on it.

I write about anything and everything I like, from knitting (of course) to travel, to books and my cat. This blog is, safe to say, a bit random and scattered. And I like it that way. I want it to continue to be knitting focused, but I’d like to have  a theme for each month that I can follow. My loose plan is one post a week based around one general theme for each month. I will continue to post a few times a week about knitting and crafting, but this will allow me to reign in my randomness in a way that makes sense (to me, at least).

For February, I want to focus on obsessions of mine. I love blogs that post about five special things that caught the author’s eye, such as the fabulous Cupcakes and Cashmere. I plan on focusing on a specific obsession of mine each week, from beauty products to crafting, from books to travel. My goal is to give you my very own best of list, in hopes that you discover something new each week, as I do from the multitude of blogs I read. I hope that you feel inspired to chime in on your favorites as well.





3 thoughts on “Blogging Lines

  1. I must say… I couldn’t agree more with your methods. I love your idea of keeping up with a theme! I have been thinking of trying and generating a weekly one for myself… Fiber Fridays, maybe? 😉 All things fiber… what could be wrong with that!? One thing you do that I LOVE are your ‘blog blurbs’. Short, little anecdotes on things you’ve done, knitted, etc. I LOVE THAT! A refreshing read mid-day!

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