Winter Cleaning: Ravelry

Ah, winter. Winter makes you want to do well, doesn’t it? You have all of these good intentions. You exclaim: This will be the year that I: a) save money b) organize my life c) quit smoking! I love this time of year, all of the self-improvement is like a communicable disease…but totally in a good way.

Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been on a little subconscious clean-up spree. I looked at my Ravelry page the other day and noticed lots of general out-datedness from my Ravelry queue all the way from “well that’s never going to happen” to “oh that picture is just terrible”….there is lots of cleaning up to do.

My first plan of attack is to retake some pictures. It is amazing how much technical advancement has happened even in the last year for  mobile phone cameras. I haven’t had an honest-to-goodness camera in years because I dropped my in the ocean water once… such is life. Since then, I’ve just been using my cell phone to document knits. Let’s just say that it shows. Sometimes I get a little too fancy with the photo apps (really, how could you not…they are crazy amounts of fun). After my horror faded, I decided to dig out a few of the “beautiful despite the picture) projects and retake a few photos for Ravelry, which was quite wonderful because it helped me reminisce about some of my favorite projects, like these three:

Cabled Newsboy Cap

image_medium2I love this project so much. This was one of the first things I was inspired by when I started knitting. I just couldn’t wait to make myself a rad hat and thought it was entirely too hard. Not so! I’ve made this project twice and each time have been really surprised by the ease of it. Do yourself  a favor. Run out and purchase a copy of Stitch n Bitch Nation right now and cast on. I meant it….I’m watching you.

Felted Coin Purse

photoI swore I had an incrdible dislike for all things felted….until a friend gave me a lovely book called AlterKNITS Felt and I fell in love with so much. This coin purse is surprisingly sturdy, super fast to knit and a really great first felting experiment.  It was my first and was small enough to where I didn’t feel like I would completely ruin life by messing it up. I made one for a knitter friend and was pumped to be able to find matching zippers to sew in. I use this every day, no joke. I used to use it only as a coin purse but started using it at the gym or on walks to carry my ID and headphone. Genius.

Maggie Armwarmers

photo 2

This is one of the projects that I have made over, and over, and over. I love these armwarmers. The length is perfect, the fit is perfect and I am obsessed with cables and texture…I adore them. Surprisingly, they are knit flat so aren’t that frightening for beginning knitters. I knit mine with inexpensive washable worsted weight yarn and they have held up very well. I think I want more, in all of the colors of the rainbow.

Follow Me!

Follow Me!

My advice for today is simple. If you love something, make it for others. By looking at my old pictures and retaking new ones, I had the unique opportunity to appreciate my projects and remember the important people in my life that I had made them for. In some cases, I knit for people who are thankfully no longer in my life but I remember the feelings of happiness I had while making them at that time. I had even knitted for someone I didn’t know at the time but is now part of my life in Texas. There is nothing better than sharing your talents and joy with others. And please, take pictures to share with me!



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