My Texan Anniversary

Hee Haw!

This week is my year anniversary of being a Texan. Contrary to what I thought, Texans sadly do not walk around yelling Hee Haw all the time. What a shame.

Texas has been very good to me. I love everything, from the food to my job. Of course, there are some things that have been a challenge, such as very large flying creatures (i.e. woodroaches) and the never-ending humidity. But it is completely worth it.

To mark the occasion, I would like to share some of my favorite highlights from my past year in Texas with this very fancy photo collage.

From left to right, I give you:

  • Mickey exploring his new cat door
  • The awe-inspiring Blue Angels at Wings Over Houston
  • Camping (and my ladybug friend)
  • Frannie pecking at my boots – love
  • Curious horses at King Ranch
  • Mama’s got a brand new (rubber band) gun, from my first gun show
  • First pro football game! Go Texans!
  • I Don’t Need Your Civil War (Reenactment)
  • A different kind of casting, my first fishing pole and holy cow, I caught a lot of fish!
  • NASCAR race (a first, but sadly not my first time seeing redneck moobs)
  • Rodeo Houston


There have been so many more amazing experiences this year. My heart is filled with love and joy and I have spent a year smiling so hard that it hurts, getting lost on Texas roadways and trying new things. It was a year of spectacular firsts and for the most part, I hope those firsts become tradition in my life.

At last, I feel like I should do something special to celebrate….like buy a nice pair of cowboy boots and switch my Pittsburgh “yins” to “yall”.

A very merry anniversary to me.






2 thoughts on “My Texan Anniversary

  1. Awweeee… I love this! All of which are fun! You forgot Blue Bell!!! (But I know it wasn’t intentional… You just love it so much you blacked out and forgot your life before it) šŸ˜‰

    But really, you’re practically a southern belle now… Darlin’. Bless your heart!

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