I ____ You Ravelry!

Last week I decided to tweet about my little Ravelry search for all things Valentine’s related. Big mistake. All that searching left me a bit inspired. Though I have lots and lots of things to work on right now, what did I decide to do?

To start something new of course.


Thankfully, I didn’t let myself get too out of hand….yet. What I took to my knitting group this weekend took a mere ten minutes, a short diversion from the next pair of Duck Baby Booties I am making for a friend. This little heart, from The Sitting Tree, takes very little time to knit and the pattern is very flexible so you can easily make larger hearts. It is also knit from the top down, making an interesting constructon which caused me an early morning “ah-ha!” moment at the coffee shop (coffee yet to be fully ingested).


Since it took no time at all, the squeaky wheels in my brain started to turn as I knitted my baby booties, imagining all the great things I could do with these sweet hearts. I could make a long Valentine’s garland to hang in my office, why not?! I could send everyone I love sweet Valentine cards like on the pattern website….oooh! I could look at Pinterest!

Calm down, brain. You are far too energetic these days.

Really though, what would you do with these hearts if you were project procrastinating?




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