Welcome February!

Hello February,

I am very happy to see you. I now can wear the heart-splattered Valentines socks that have been waiting patiently in my drawer.

This month kicks off my great idea for the year 2013 on this here blog. I recently decided to add some structure to my blog with a overarching theme for each month. For February, I decided to focus on obsessions of mine, the time seems right because February is just so damn full of emotions and love, Cupid’s arrow and all that business. So I plan on focusing on a specific obsession of mine each week, from beauty products to crafting, from books to travel. My goal is to give you my very own best of list, in hopes that you discover something new each week, as I do from the multitude of blogs I read. I hope that you feel inspired to chime in on your favorites as well.book pile

The first week will focus on a particular obsession of mine, reading.

I took this picture of my nightstand two weeks ago. Sadly, this isn’t even half of what I was reading at that time. Thankfully, the top two of the books have already been digested and returned to the library.

Here’s the situation.

I have a hoarding problem when it comes to books. I go to the library to pick up one that is already on reserve and I think,  “Oh why not take a spin around the stacks before I leave?” And then I have a pile of 300 page books to read in two weeks. Grand.

So let me start off the month by saying thank you. You are brave for be willing to jump down this rabbit hole that I call my brain on books. Welcome.





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