Hello, My Name is Allison and I am Book Nerd

There it is, I’ve said it.

Truly, I love to read perhaps more than anything else in life. I started my obsession quite young in life. Some of my fondest childhood memories are going to the public library in the summer and participating in the summer book club. Does it get any geekier than looking forward to books in the summer? I’m not ashamed about this at all. I would come home with a pile, and I mean a pile, of books to read. Prizes were involved.

Further proof: My sister swears that I didn’t speak for a whole year. My parents wish this were the case. Sadly, they say it’s just because I would spend every waking moment with a book.

As an adult, this obsession with literary consumption continued. In college, I quickly learned that business was not the path for me, having achieved a D in the most basic of math courses. I started enrolling in Shakespeare and Romantic Poetry courses and suddenly my GPA bounced back. I wondered, could one could really earn a college degree just by reading?

Yup, you can.

So I pushed on. I discovered a love for dramatic works and became obsessed with the plays of Samuel Beckett and Henrik Ibsen. I thought again, can one actually earn an advanced degree just by reading?

Yup, you can.

I left college with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Master of Arts in Theatre. I set a goal for myself that I would teach at the college level, but the thought of writing another book caused lots of heart palpitations so I decided to work for a while. I was over the moon to snag a job where I actually got to use my college education and on the side, I wrote theatre reviews. I got to attend creative writing conferences where I would listen in to read and critique sessions. I got to listen to journalists talk about the future of newspapers. And I got to help writers.

I freaking love to help people.

This leads me to a moment of change in my life. I moved to Texas and snagged a job that I didn’t like one bit so I spent my time crying, applying for new jobs and dreaming of a PhD program. Now, I am happily in a new job which I adore and get my helping fix as an academic advisor.

One great thing that my job allows is lots of time for more reading. I have a large commute where I get to engulf myself in audio book and I can go home and read instead of worrying about budgets and marketing plans. It is lovely. My love for reading has been reignited. Case and point, my night stand post from last week.

This week I will focus on the joy of reading. I will share books that I love from many genres as well as the tools and means by which I read and (attempt to) organize my great pile of reads. The week will be broken down into these four themes:

  1. Reading & the Interwebs
  2. Hear Ye, Hear Ye: My Life in Audiobooks
  3. Knit Lit
  4. What to Read?

More than anything, I love talking about books and reading, so please do not hesitate to chime in or share your own list with us.



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