Reading & the Interwebs

Part One

“I am a paper purist.” – words spoken by Pookah, circa 2010

Then I got a gift certificate, splurged on a Kindle and my world has been turned upside down ever since.


I love my early-generation Kindle. It is compact, easy to read and I’m 98% sure it is run by the tiny feet of mice and MS-DOS.


My Kindle, 2011 – photo taken while waiting for my plane to move me to Houston

By the time I finally came around to technology and bought a Kindle, I had just purchased an iPhone and my mind was adapting to touch screens. Having the early-generation Kindle was kinda like having a rotary phone again. I’m not quite sure why because I’ve always been low-tech. Though I have since upgraded, I will still use my Kindle if I just need reading time because it is so light. Sadly for me, I’m pretty sure the Kindle Fire – you know, the one that came out oh a few months after I bought my Kindle  –  is badass.

Then one day I almost threw my slow laptop out of the window and I realized it wass time. Buying the new laptop that I wanted was mighty expensive so I did my research and went for the iPad. I am completely in love with it.

I have loads of reading on my iPad. I own two reading apps: the Kindle and the Kindle Cloud. With the Kindle app, you download the book and it is stored on your iPad so you can read it whether or not you have access to wireless. Did I mention that you can also get magazines? Oh yea. The best part? You can sample part of a book. For Free. Yes, free. This is fantastic for an obsessed book worm like me because I can sample a bazillion books to see what I really want to spend my time reading. There are probably three to five samples on my Kindle at any given time. Also a bonus? Kindle editions are way cheaper. (I want to note here that I am talking Kindle because I like Amazon. I’m not quite sure why, I also love Barnes and Noble. I am pretty sure anything I say here also applies to the Nook, which I hear is equally awesome.)


My iPad, 2012 – enroute at the airport. I sense a theme here…

Kindle Cloud is for if you don’t want the book downloaded on your iPad (like if you don’t have enough memory… meegs or RAM is it? I dunno). On Kindle Cloud you can read your book without disturbing your memory, as long as you have wireless access. From what I understand, “clouds” are little bits of atmospheric gases that slam you with wintry mixes every once in a while. Or books, music, and files. Your choice.

Through my experimenter in e-reading , I’ve found out that I am still a paper purist…only not. But really, yes. There are some books that I like to read on my iPad and some I want an actual beautiful piece of paper to look at. There’s a big difference, I don’t care what people say. However, I love reading on my iPad. It remembers my spots for me, it has a light so I don’t have to squint so much and once I even made it read to me while I was driving. Crazy person. (Side note, don’t do that, just get the audiobook. It sounds like R2-D2 only not smart). One downfall is that you cannot read on your eReader during airplane takeoff and landing. That is when I get some of my deepest reading done so I always travel with a book… remember those?

This week you will hear me say one thing over and over and over again. If you don’t own a library card, you are an idiot. Sorry to be so harsh, but seriously. Get one. This is one of the greatest resources in America. Did you know you can “check out” ebooks online? You can….and like they say on the news, “Tune in in at ten for the details”. And by ten I mean Tuesday.

It’s More Than Just Books, Yo

You are reading my blog, so I guess I don’t have to make any grand revelations about my other favorite form of reading online: the blog. I’ll just say to you that there are some tremendously amazing reading to be done online. No matter what you are in to, you can find someone who is ranting and/or raving about it.

A few of my favorite things…


My iPad Reading Apps – – and yes, that is a picture of a bulldog wearing stunna shades

Basically, if you like it there is a blog out there about it. Again, you found me so this cannot be too overwhelming for you.

So, that’s a little snippet of my daily reading that I do online. Everyday I try to catch up with my blogs and every night I try sneak in at least a half hour of book reading (electronic and/or paper based), depending on the temptations of the television. A little more on what I like to read later.

What about you? Are there blogs that you love to read or reading apps, pages, authors that you tune into online?



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