Knit Lit Project

In celebration of a week of literature, I am knitting a very special project this week. If you are on Facebook, you may remember a New Years post going around called Creative Pay It Forward, where five friends are enlisted to like your post with promises they will receive a handmade gift from moi by the end of the year. I’m crazy excited about this…and determined not to procrastinate.

lace bookmark

…the beginnings of a bookmark…

Que obvi, I am knitting things for lots of people. My first “gift-ee” is a new friend from Houston, a crafter/librarian, which means that I could talk this poor girl’s head off. I chose to knit her a really beautiful bookmark. Scouring Ravelry, I found a ton of bookmarks and settled on one that I like courtesy of the ingenious One-Skein Wonders crew. The bookmark is from One-Skein Wonders: 101 Yarn-Shop Favorites and guess what? It is available online, for free.

I fell in love with the One-Skein Wonders book when I was looking for projects to knit with the little bits and pieces o’ yarn I had left. This is a project meant for one of those moments when you look at your stash and think, what the hell am I holding on this for? Answer = of course, I was just going to knit all my friends these adorable bookmarks. Geez….back off, self.



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