My Fiber Life

This statement should come as no surprise to you.




And I love it in lots of different forms: yarn, thread, floss. And I love it in different materials: wool, linen, silk, bamboo. I kinda get around.

Most of you know that I am a yarn addict. Knitting is one of my favorite thing to do on earth, right up there with hugs and roller coasters. This blog has been my place to document and discuss my knitterly successes, my disasters and my attempts at other fiber crafts, such as crochet and cross stitch.


image, matt forsythe

I don’t think I need to wax poetic here about all of the reasons why I love fiber. I will say this: there is something completely magical about taking a simple, wooden instrument, some wool and nothing else but your two hands and creating something. I’m not quite sure what “zen-like” is, but I bet this is it. It is also paralyzingly frustrating at times, especially when you are trying something new. You become singularly focused on one thing and lord help those who try to come between you and your stitch.

For the next three days, I will be posting bits and pieces of my fiber life, including projects, organization, tools, fibers, and inspiration. And as usual, pictures and links to more of my knitted, crocheted and stitched projects. Some of you may say, well this is just like regular-blog, not theme-blog. And to you I say, you better check yo self. This will be a little more exciting somehow, I think.

For those of you who have stumbled up on my blog for other reasons, such as my rantings on the benefits of owning a library card, you are my challenge. After this week, you better be hunting down a knitting class/book/video. Amongst obvious other things, I have an obsession with creating more yarn-addicts.bookmark

With that I’m going to start sharing right away. Here is finished bookmark from last week. Ta-da!

Wait ’til you see what I made over the weekend. Oh the excitement!





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