Obsessed: Week Two

The first week of February was all about my obsession with all things reading related. This week, any guesses?

Okay, how about a hint?

This week my obsession involves lots of sharp objects and soft fibers, destroying objects and weaving bits together. It requires extraordinary patience and insanity, and is born out of fascination and great creativity.

Any ideas?



It is simple, in fact is the name of this here blog. Simply stated. I like to make things with my hands. I love all things handmade. I find pre-made signs like this one, purchasable at a craft store, truly offensive.

Am I insane? Yes. Am I creative? Yes. Is it always pretty? Nope. Am I alone? Oh hell no. There are more crazy crafters out there than the world could know, and that is probably a good thing because that’s just a bit scary. But you have found me so chances are that you are just as crazy as I am. Hello.

Click to purchase super cute print!

Click to purchase super cute print!

This week will be broken down into two themes, for sanity’s sake.

  • Fiber Arts
  • DIY Inspirations (please note the “inspirations” part, already implying that half-finished projects will be discussed)

And you thought I was crazy last week…



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