Crafting Obsessiveness, Erm Organization

Hello friends!

I want to talk a little bit about crafting organization today. Right now, I don’t have any organization — like at all. All of my knitting gear is stuffed into one tiny roller case and the rest  is locked up in storage, screaming to be set free. So my organization basically consists of a plastic tub and a mason jar full of needles. Pout.

If you are at all like me, you are a dreamer and a planner. A very scary combination. We currently live in an extremely tiny space  because we are dreaming and saving to build our own home. Thankfully, my guy dreams as big as I do and we have talked about a crafting/gun room in our one-day home. From my point of view, I really don’t know which of our hobbies is more dangerous. I have since dubbed this room the “Panic Room” in my mind because “when the shit hits the fan” as they say on Doomsday Preppers, this is where I want to be. We’ve basically decided that in the event of the apocalypse, we will pretty much do what we do on a normal weeknight, watch Finding Bigfoot while I knit and he cleans his hunting rifle. See, plans.

Enter Pinterest, aka evil incarnate/the best thing on planet Earth. The place I go to design my imaginary home, plan imaginary meals and dream about projects I may or may not start. A planners paradise.

Since we are talking crafting this week and I’m obsessed with dreaming, I started a new board just for you (and my Panic Room). It is called Crafting Organization aka Panic Room and you can view it by clicking on the sneak peek below.

Pinterest Board!

I will be pinning all week so make sure to check it often, perhaps every day because really what do you have better to do than plan an imaginary craft/gun room?

While you are at it, why don’t you just add me on Pinterest! pinterest




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