Reasons to Love Knitting: #1

Reason #1:  You can humiliate your pets.

gentlemanIsn’t Mickey the picture of gentlemanly handsomeness? Meow!

I found this genius project on Ravelry whilst searching for a bowtie to add to Mickey’s new sweater, which I will be knitting soon. It is called Secret Agent Cat, courtesy of the blog Channeling Madame Defarge. Let’s just say that I got a little two excited about the bow and knitted that without even starting the sweater yet. Such is life.

Please note that the last step of the pattern suggest that you sneak up on your unsuspecting cat to slip the collar into place. Thankfully, Mickey is quite possibly always in mid-sleep, so this was easy for me. He looks a bit sleepy-stunned in this picture. I believe his face says “Oh man, what has she done this time? Yawn.”

I modified the pattern a bit, and no not because Mickey’s neck is probably as wide as a five-year-old little boy’s neck. The pattern writer was smart enough to build customization into the pattern because you start off by measuring your pet’s neck first. To which Mickey replied by lazily batting around the tape measure and leaving tiny bite marks. bowtie

I modified it a bit because the pattern asks that you crochet parts together and well, crochet is one of those things that I’m just really bad at. Instead, I seamed the two pieces together at the end before tacking down the bows. Just a hint for those of you non-crocheters who will attempt this pattern.

Now, don’t you think Mickey needs a pretty date to take out for Fancy Feast on Valentine’s Day?!




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