Reasons to Love Knitting: #2

Reason #2:  You can make ridiculous stuff for your friends.

This week I’m discussing my obsession with crafting and my number one obsession is knitting. If I am not driving, typing, eating or reading, I can be found with knitting needles in my hand. In my never-ending quest to make stuff, I am participating in a Craft Pay-It-Forward festivity on Facebook so I’ve been searching for ideas for another victim, one of my dearest friends from college. This friend is a crazy girl who I’m rarely not smiling  or exclaiming, “What the f*!?” around because she is that strange. What to make for your friend who is so wacky that you just can’t send her anything normal?

I turned to Ravelry, which leads me to the next point I want to bring up about crafting: inspire


If I have a vague or not-so-vague idea of something I want to make for someone I always turn to the interwebs. Ravelry has never led me wrong…it has led me down some dark, odd alleyways, though. If you can dream it up, chances are that someone else has also and may have written a pattern to share with you.

I knew that I wanted to knit my friend something fun so I searched Ravelry for “ridiculous” knits. Whoa. Let’s just say that some of the results are items that you do not want showing up in your work browser history. Here though, I found it. The mustache.

the 'stache

I have no doubt my friend will think this hysterical. It’s a really quick knit, quite easy but I’ve been struggling with the whole functionality of the ‘stache. Many of the knit mustaches I found in use are worn with a little string attached, ala the uncomfortable Halloween mask of Casper the Friendly Ghost, circa 1985. Though easy and mobile, I prefer not to use string, but I will resort to it if I have to because it may just be the best idea. I am also  thinking about using the Stiffy product I used on the bookmark to stiffen this ‘stache up and glue it to a popsicle stick, that way they can be held up at appropriate times, like a fancy Mardi Gras mask. Oui!

'staching it

Fancy Schmancy!


Also, while we are at it, are we friends on Ravelry yet? If so, one of my favorite things to do is see what my friends have “favorited” lately, you get tons of good ideas for knitting inspiration! Check me out! If not, what are you waiting for? Do you not like me? Maybe you’ll like me better when I get all fancy schmancy with my ‘stache on….

How about you? Are there websites you like to look at for inspiration?

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