Reasons to Love Knitting: #3

Reason to Love Knitting #3: You can make cute things for yourself.

Like this Peter Pan collar I found on Ravelry! A sweet, little Valentine for myself.


I just submitted a massive order at KnitPicks for almost every bit of yarn I need to make the kiddos projects. I know that the next month or two will be solely dedicated to knitting the kid’s knits I have planned. So I decided to make myself a little somethin’, somethin’ before that box arrives.

Is it just me or does it look like a tiny brassiere? Okay, here it is in action, with the most disapproving school librarian face I could muster without giggling.


While we are talking about knitting, I want to give you a little shopping tip. A knitter friend and I stumbled upon these adorable zipper bags at Michaels this weekend. Not only are they the perfect sizes for projects, tools, DPNs and the like… But they are also lined! Woo hoo! Stock up!


Bags like this, but geared to knitters would probably cost twenty smackeroos. These. A few bucks. Plus some have cute sayings on them.


Happy Shopping!



2 thoughts on “Reasons to Love Knitting: #3

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