My Newest Craft Obsession

A while back I posted a little break up letter to my knitting needles because I had found a new obsession, cross stitch. Don’t be alarmed, we all know that this new love affair cannot even begin to break the strong bond between me and my knitting.

However, in between knitting projects I have been dutifully working on my awesome cross stitch project. I love it, even if it does make me cross-eyed.

So I wanted to share more about my newest obsession with you, which so far has led to lots of dreams about cute, witty home DIY projects, like this one I found on Pinterest….all together now…. “Oooooo”! Things like this make me extremely impatient for a huge, blank wall in my imaginary Panic Room.

So far, I’ve just been buying wooden hoops and organizing cross stitch supplies. You see, before I even started this craft I was the lucky recipient of lots of cross stitch gear. Back in San Diego I was teaching knitting classes for adults at a local school. A sweet, retired teacher – he is Greek so lets call him Demtri – hunted me down through the course offerings catalog. His dear wife, an avid fiber artist, had recently passed away and he couldn’t bear to throw away her precious craft supplies. My tears are already welling up thinking about this sweet couple. He dropped off bags upon bags of supplies at the school for me. Some of it was knitting supplies, which I doled out to students and knitter friends. Much of it was cross stitch. My heart sank looking at the unfinished projects: baby prints, holiday tablecloths, all item this talented, much-loved crafter never got to enjoy finished. I’ve held onto them ever since. I sent Demtri a thank you after I picked up the bags and he called me, gushing that his wife is happy in heaven knowing her supplies are being put to good use. His words have stayed with me ever since.

I never knew anyone who cross stitched but recently found some fellow crafters in Houston that I was more than happy to share supplies with. I also kept many of her unfinished projects, hoping upon hope that I would one day finish them. After receiving the cross stitch gift from my sister, I started to organize Mrs. Demetri’s supplies so I could learn and maybe tackle one of her projects.

There is so much floss! AsI’ve mentioned, we don’t have much room. My cross stitch gear is pretty much limited to the tiny upper shelf of my wardrobe, which also holds various crafting stuff. Lots of floss, shoved into crinkly shopping bags wasn’t going to cut it. On one of my many craft shopping visits, I found these sweet, white tags to wind floss around for orderly organization. Truthfully, there are few things that make me grin more than color-coded objects (and that’s limited to my niece, nephew, puppies, Mickey and my guy’s kisses). Yes, my wardrobe is color-coded, what? I also found a little, clear tackle box to keep it all tidy in, score! And then I watched television and wound floss for what seemed like seven hours…only to get this far.


Look at those gorgeous reds!


All of this organizing isn’t just for my color-coded craziness. Now that I’m starting to learn, I would like to dedicate at least one month of my future blog themes to The Unfinished, my attempts to finish some of this beautiful cross stitch work of Mrs. Demetri. I hope I can do her work justice

P.S. I’m pinning some cross-stitch room inspiration to my Crafting Organization aka Panic Room Pinterest board today. Also, check out my Stitchery board if you’re into that sort of thing…



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