A Busy Saturday: Crafting and Boxing

I am completely exhausted after a big day of errands, from buying a new bed to a new home craft project. Our little place is looking mighty spiffy right now.

My project for the night was putting together a massive photo for one of our huge walls. We are big boxing fans, especially of Oscar de la Hoya…. who let’s be frank, is my future husband. My guy had purchased a really rad tiled action-photo of Oscar that he had never hung because he didn’t trust his crafting skills. I think he doesn’t give himself enough credit, but I am more then happy to attack this project. Though I was sad he wouldn’t let me hang Oscar above my side of the bed…

Thanks to back-to-school, we scored a black foam board used for science fair projects a few weeks back. We spend almost every Saturday watching boxing, so we turned on HBO to watch the Broner fight and I got my supplies ready. Armed with some adjustable adhesive spray, I set to work spraying and piecing together the tiles.


In case you ever purchase a massive tile photo craft, I highly recommend doing two things:

#1. Measure and mark your area carefully. If you are at all like me, you can’t hang a picture straight to save your life. I must have been born in one of those old V8 commercials. Remember those ones where the people walked around crooked? Yup, that’s me. I measured ticks all the way down the foam board marking the half-way point so I could line everything up easily. Made the project a breeze.

#2. Use an adjustable adhesive. Can I just say lifesaver? For. Real. I used Krylon Easy-Tack, which cost a just a few bucks at Hobby Lobby. Due to said crookedness, this was a must.i overlapped a few times on accident and this adjustable adhesive saved myself from being very angry.

Now, look at my handsome husband hit!


Lastly, my favorite errand of the day? Happy Texan Anniversary to me! Last month I reached my one year anniversary of moving to Texas. Today I finally celebrated by taking a trip to Cavender’s to purchase what everyone has told me are “some badass boots”. I’m pretty excited!


Howdy, y’all.



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