When I turned thirty, I was not overwhelmed and did not spend the entire day under the covers, crying over my lost youth. I was actually quite indifferent to this milestone. I wasn’t worried about losing elasticity in my skin, not being “carded” for alcohol any longer or about the fact that I would soon be in the “high risk” pregnancy category. Wasn’t concerned at all until I visited my doctor in San Diego and she told me that I should consider taking prenatal vitamins in case I want to have children and oh, it will also really improve the quality of my skin and hair.

 Excuse me?

After this, I stared at my skin in the mirror for an hour. Was that a wrinkle?? I had never used moisturizer and though I was an avid beauty magazine reader, just never considered it. Girls in San Diego wear very natural makeup, so I made a switch to tinted moisturizer and that year, used a Sephora gift card and splurged on an expensive moisturizer. Being me, I chose the one that made me crack up laughing.

This started my love affair with Philosophy.

I purchased the Hope in a Jar formula, got a few compliments on my skin and never looked back. Philosophy is now the most important part of my beauty ritual. Friends who hadn’t seen me in years remarked that I looked younger (did I look older before this? Note to all: Stop smoking, now!). I was even invited to a bible study by an undergrad on campus last month. This may have been because I looked like a sinner, but also that I could be a sophomore…in college. Eeee! One day, I was told I looked 25 and I was over the moon. I’ve never considered myself to be vain in the slightest, but these compliments made me a bit worried about how ridiculous I will be when I’m in my forties.

I have a Philosophy problem

I have a Philosophy problem

Since using the product, I’ve tried quite a few Philosophy moisture options, from creams to serums, and have loved them all. Plus, they all have hysterical names and I’m a word geek. “When Hope is Not Enough” actually made me snort. I recently got a sample of the Miracle Worker line and was impressed, noting that I may just switch to this in a decade, but I’m pretty happy with my cream for now.

I’m not here to tell you that you have to run out and purchase Philosophy products, they are just what I love. But I do have to preach about moisturizer, even if you are in your twenties. Our bodies are what, like 60% water? Don’t hold me to that figure because it could be drastically incorrect. Whatever the number, moisture is so important to our health and happiness. Give your skin a hug and try a moisturizer pronto.

h2oWhile you are at it, are you getting enough water? I know I’m not. We are supposed to consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This will make you healthy inside and out, and is even more important for your skin than moisturizer. Will you join me on a little challenge this week? I vow to get my 64 ounces of water each day this week. To help track my water intake, I’ve purchased one of those handy containers that mark the volume. Mine is 32 ounces so I know I’ve got to drink two of these per day. I predict lots of bathroom visits in my future.

Also, you are beautiful….don’t forget it.



2 thoughts on “Hydrate

  1. Vowed. I’m ready. I don’t think I’ve had that much water in a day since…? It helps so much. And I’m LOVING this theme. I get Birchbox once a month and it too, further exacerbates my obsession with beauty products. Can’t wait to hear more!

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