Getting Those Zzzz’s

I started my day with a half a jug of water, how about you? I feel like a mermaid. My skin better look freakin’ radiant after all of this chugging.

So, my next beauty addiction? Bath products, specifically aromatherapy. During my college years, I spent winter break working at the Bath and Body Works (BBW to all the cool kids) next to the college. My entire family got bath products for Christmas because that employee discount is bananas and their products rock. Those winter breaks led me into an intense lotion addiction.

Have you tried their Aromatherapy collection? It is to die for. This Christmas I spent a half hour smelling smells in BBW, armed with a great gift card during their holiday sale. I went there with one singular thought in my mind: I want to smell like my yoga studio each night before going to bed. Next time you are in a yoga class, take a deep breath (well, as long as you are not up someone’s armpit while they are saluting the sun). My yoga studio smells amazing. It just makes you want to breathe deeply and chant ommmmm. That is what I want to smell before going to bed at night.


A little boost for Mickey to get up in our new, high bed!

If you didn’t know, sleep is extremely important to beauty. Us humans are supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep each night, but if you are like me it is likely only in the six hour range. Sad. I am starting to get more sleep though because we purchased a new bed this weekend and it is ridiculously high. I love to sleep up high and when I get to sleep closer to the ceiling I scream “princess and pea!!!” Only slightly annoying. Our new bed is so high that my cat Mickey needs a little step stool to get up! For a second, I thought about adding those needed eight hours per night as a sleep challenge in addition to my water challenge. That said, all of this water chugging makes for multiple nighttime visits to the restroom so I’m not sure how successful that would be….

aromatherapyIf you have trouble falling asleep like me, try out some aromatherapy before bedtime. Here are the products I use from the Bath & Body Works collection of good things for your nostrils.

1. Stress Relief Body Scrub, $15

For those really stressful days when you just want to jump into the shower, shadowbox your enemies and scrub all of the stress and pent-up anger away. Plus, it makes your skin feel nice and smells amazing.  What? That isn’t a line from the back of the tube? Well, it should be.

2. Sleep Lavender Chamomile Body Wash, $13

This body wash is so dangerous you almost want to fall asleep in the shower. It is like a big cup of chamomile for your skin. It tells you to “breathe deeply for best results”…oh so that is why I feel deliciously dizzy?

3. Sleep Lavender Chamomile Body Lotion, $13

The best way to moisturize and smell good is layer your scent with your body wash, so I will apply this after using the body wash. Sometimes though I will also layer it with the body scrub on other days because rules are meant to be broken. It smells amazing and moisturizes very well.

You are now stress-free, sedated and ready to sleep. Get those zzz’s.

Ahem, oh wait….you didn’t get eight hours of sleep because you decided to stay up and watch that episode of Shameless until midnight? You too? Well, turn on that Keurig and may I suggest you use Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-cup to start your day, followed up by 32 oz. of H20, of course.

Before you head out the door though, give this a shot, Sephora’s Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel. You can actually feel the skin under your eyes get stronger and help you deceive your coworkers by looking super awake, though we all know your brain is trailing way behind. Wha?


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