I’m just going to start this off with a little BEFORE photo, taken when I was in high school.



So now you know what we are dealing with. My hair is…. well, large. It is a huge, frizzy, curly, thick demon beast. I am very lucky because I think I truly believe I will never have to worry about thinning hair. Rightly so, because I’ve spent most of my life trying to tame this demon beast.


Triangle head, oh dear.

My hair history is as such. I had long, straight hair. It was easy, I was young. Then I decided to get a perm and cut my hair short. Result: triangle head. As I grew older, I grew my hair out but it stayed insanely curly. In junior high, I learned about scrunching, which became my go-to hair style for the next century. Fast forward and I grew tired of huge 80s hair, since you know…this was the new millennium. I discovered the hair straightener, halleluiah. Armed with a straightener, some styling products and amazing stylists in San Diego and Houston, I no longer look like I should sing for Winger.

Okay, so my hair routine is pretty sad. I don’t believe in spending more than 15 minutes getting ready in the morning. In fact, I actually dry my hair in the car using my heating system. I call this new beauty technique “car-drying”. Don’t knock it ‘til you try in ladies. My stylist in San Diego was a bit mortified when he heard this. I guess he thought this was why my hair looked as frizzy as it did, bah. I told him that I wasn’t giving up my car hair drying and I could almost see his shoulders sag. That day he taught me how to twist my curls away from my face with my hands while I was driving and told me about the importance of alcohol serum products. Here the two products I’m currently using:

bumble and bumble Defrizz, $15 – $27,

Why does bumble and bumble have to be so amazing and so expensive? This splurge is totally worth it. Leaves my hair soft, freeze-free and doesn’t feel sticky. When I straighten my hair is doesn’t really get straight, just more organized. With this product, I don’t have to really straighten as much, I can use my car-drying techniques and spend even less time on my hair!

Moroccan Argan Oil, $3 – $8,

One nasty secret no one knows about curly hair is that it is incredibly dry. If you are like me and only remember to get trims every nine months, those ends become prickly and pokey. My current stylist recommended some oils to me and I found this one in the check-out line at Ulta. Considering I decided to try it out on a whim, I have been very happy with it. We’ll see how my ends hold up over the next eight months…


After a morning of car-drying

After all of that applying, oiling and car-drying, here is my AFTER.

Still a little crazy, but that is what you get when you use a beauty technique you made up yourself.

Much. Better. Thank you, hair product gods.



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