Ooh, the Pretty Colors!

Does it count toward the water challenge if you chug 32 ounces of water overnight to make up for the three dehydrating amber ales you had last night? Just asking.

Well, the pièce de résistance of my beauty product addiction is makeup.  All of those pretty colors, sparkly shades and choices to make between liquid eyeliner vs eye crayon, loose powder vs pressed fowder foundation. I love testing out new products, finding favorite potions and I firmly believe that every lady should have access to no less than 50 eyeshadow colors. Not that I tend to change my eye colors frequently…I just always want to pretend I will.makeups

This is a very organized look at my makeup. It is not that organized. I basically throw each piece back into this bamboo box and have to root around every morning for my blush. Does anyone have some organization ideas for someone with only a shelf and a tiny space to work with?

Here are some products that I am completely addicted to right now:

1. Too Faced’s Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection $36, sephora.com

I will never buy another eye shadow palette again. Okay, we all know this is a lie, but really this is the only palette I need. Want? That’s another story. Too Faced palettes are some of the best pigments and hues out there. They have great staying power, a beautiful mix of hues and the color is true to what you see in the box. Does anybody else absolutely hate it when what you see before you is nothing like the color you put on your lids? Anger.

2.  Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara $19.50, ulta.com

I am super crazy picky about mascara. Like many girls, I spent a decade wearing the dependable, pink-and-green classic Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It had worked just fine for me for many years, but one day I tried a grown up mascara and have never looked back. Okay, I did look back once because mascara can be frighteningly expensive. However, after changing I found the Great Lash wand lacking any oomph. I have extremely straight, boring eyelashes and I need oomph. Smashbox’s Full Exposure is magnificent. Fantastic wand. The only downfall right now is that I’ve started to wear contacts and this mascara is not waterproof which means I can easily become Alice(n) Cooper with lovely black streaks running down my face.

3. Ulta Cheek Color in Sunkissed $9, ulta.com

For years I’ve despised blush, but found it to be one of those necessary evils if you don’t want to look like a zombie. I never could find the right shade. When I changed to a ginger gal I found it even more difficult. I read articles that said I should use a peach hue instead and oh my goodness, that looked terrible on me. I tried this Ulta color on a whim because I needed to spend a little more to get their too-fantastic bonus gift and YES! I love this color. Finally.

4. Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Powder $32, sephora.com

This was a freebie sample and OMG I use this so sparingly because I never, ever want to run out of it. Perfect for those special occasions when you actually use a primer and desperately want all of your makeup to stay in place for hours upon hours.

5. Almay’s Smart Shade Concealer SPF 15 $9, walgreens.com

Right now I’m trying a different concealer out. I think I will forever be afraid of something I love being pulled from shelves so I have to try different products so that I will have a suitable back up. I try not to wear a lot of foundation, but my skin definitely has it’s balance issues, so I need concealer. I’ve been using Stila’s Illuminating Pressed Powder Foundation lately and while I do like it I find that I need some additional coverage in target zones. This concealer does the trick and matches my skin tone very well. With light concealer, you can easily risk the white circles around eyes look, not at all flattering. I never had this problem with Smart Shade.

Remember, sharing is caring so please leave your comments below to tell us about your favorite products! How about, can anyone explain this newest fascination with BB cream? I’m trying one out now and so far am having trouble understanding how it is different than tinted moisturizer, which I love so I think I may love BB.




5 thoughts on “Ooh, the Pretty Colors!

  1. Fantastic products! I too have left the drugstore mascara in the dust. I use MAC Plush Lash–I have thin and not-so-many eyelashes, it completely fills out my lashes and makes them lovely. I have BB cream (free sample) but have yet to try it… Hmmm…

  2. Maybe I should talk to you about makeup… I’m pretty clueless. I’m trying to move away from chemical filled skin stuff… but at the same time, I feel a need to keep my petroleum filled lipsticks because they are pretty freaking fabulous.

    Right now, I love Clinique’s Superpowder Double Face makeup. I started using it in 8th grade, stopped 3-4 years ago when I discovered MAC, and just recently bought a new compact… I totally had the “OMG WHY DID I STOP USING THIS!?” moment. It’s a really awesome 2 in 1 foundation/powder, and great for touchups.

    My “magic in a bottle” is Benefit High Beam. It is another one of those de-zombifying things. You add the smallest bit to highlight your face. I do a teeny tiny bit on my brow, nose and chin. Two dots beneath my eyes and a little below my eyebrow. It works wonders. Even Chris noticed a difference in the before/after, and he’s pretty clueless, haha.

    I might have to check out that concealer. That is one thing I’m lacking. And a better mascara. I always use my Clinique freebies, which are great but not always waterproof or the ideal brush shape for my lashes. But I will say, one of the true pleasures in life is a new bottle of mascara, haha. It always surprises me!

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