What To Do?

When I travel, I like to smush as much things to do in my day as humanly possible. Yup, travel is not relaxing with me. I grew up on drive-by vacations, touring the United States in a van with my family and am absolutely addicted to seeing new things. That said, the drive-by vacation is not for me. I don’t really care about the shortest distance between Point A and Point B being a straight line because that line is full of really fascinating things that I must stop to see. Because of this, a trip across the country with me can easily stretch to two weeks. My travel partners are very patient, and obviously fun lunatics.

Before you travel, do yourself and favor and take two seconds to write down what is important to you.  What do you like to see on a trip? What is top priority for you? Do you like to relax by the pool in the sunshine or do you want to do something crazy like zipline across a mountain? How about shopping or would you rather grab a hotdog and catch a ballgame? These things are important and set your expectations for your trip. These can also change for every trip, though you may have a few constant things you like to do when exploring a new place. For instance, my trip to San Antonio is for work so I’m not looking to venture far from our hotel downtown or get too crazy with my itinerary. Here’s the result of my little exercise. things to do list

So, obviously I want to taste good food, learn some things about the city and be outside in nature. Sounds about right. I’m definitely one of those eat, drink, hike and be merry sort of folks. I took to the web to find some activities that sound right for us and will share those with you later on in the week. For now, here’s a list of the things I like to do on my trips and the places whereI search for fun things to do on my trips in the States:

Food and Brews

Local websites

State and National Parks

Entertainment & Sporting Events


Oh and who could resist buying some special yarn from a LYS (local yarn store) on your trip? Check out this Knit Map.

What’s on your “what to do” list?



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