Packing & Cracking Up

Hello, my name is Allison and I am a list maker. It’s a bit of a problem. I make lists every day, my iPad has three different apps for lists: my Outlook Tasks for work and life, Wunderlist for my grocery and shopping lists and finally, TripList for my packing lists. I travel a ton and I tend to worry incessantly that I will forget something crazy important. You know, like packing enough underwear. This may or may not have happened before. In Ireland.


Making my list and checking it twice…maybe thrice

So, I’m a ceaseless list maker, especially when it comes to travel, as you may have remembered from yesterday… and the day before. I love to make lists of things I want to do and places I want to eat. That is just how I start my vacation planning and I don’t think I’m alone one this one. Next up, is making a list of things I need to pack, so I don’t forget my underwear again. This is where list makers, like TripList come in handy. I have the free version which is fine for me because I pretty much pack the same things over and over so I like to reuse and modify my base list for each vacation.

And if I still forget something, at least I now have the perfect excuse to shop.


Hello there, freebies!

To piggyback on last week’s posts about my obsession with beauty products, here is where my online shopping addiction at Sephora and Ulta really pay off. Look at that handy bag of sample skincare and haircare products. No need to pack any of those pesky, leaky bottles for me!

Hope you have caught the travel bug too. We set out on the road tomorrow so now you can follow along on my obsessive-ridden travels! Cheers!



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