A Look Back: San Antonio

I hope you have all enjoyed my obsession-filled February of reading, crafting, beauty and travel! I know I didn’t get to post much while on my trip, so I wanted to give a little recap.

We arrived on Thursday at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk, which I highly recommend because you cannot get a better location. The hotel was fantastic and super comfy. I was in town for a work conference, which was one of the most informative that I had attended. I dragged my guy with me because the conference was over at noon on Saturday, so we figured we could look around town and spent time with friends in San Antonio before heading back. It took us about four hours to get to San Antonio, so I spent the drive knitting a little cardigan for a special little baby that entered our lives this weekend.

Before getting to work though, we stopped for a bite to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, a restaurant I had always wanted to go to and was right next to the hotel, which worked perfectly because I had an event to go to in an hour. I was underwhelmed by the food, but glad I finally tried it out.

That night, we met up with some coworkers for a margarita and a meal at Original Mexican Restaurant. Again, I wasn’t super impressed  with my meal, but chalked this up to the fact that I have phenomenal Mexican food at home. Also, I was just super happy to be on a trip! We then stopped at a little chocolate shop after walking off some calories, which we gained back when I chowed down on three delicious chocolate covered marshmallows. Heaven.

san antonio

The next day was all conference for me, including a lunch at the event. That evening though, we met up with a few more coworkers and treated ourselves to a delicious seafood feast at Landry’s Seafood on the Riverwalk. I had the stuffed flounder, which wasn’t as much stuffed as it was resting on a bed of crabmeat, but it was delicious all the same. My guy and I headed out to the Riverwalk and the city streets to work off our calories and take in the sites, from the Alamo to the beautiful San Fernando Cathedral. We even stopped for a while to eavesdrop on a ghost tour of the city for a few minutes. Spooky.

After a nice walk, I exclaimed that it was margarita time, so we headed to the lively Republic of Texas and wow. I’m speechless. The gang at this bar and grill were hysterical. We ordered the largest margarita I’ve ever laid my eyes on and proceeded to dance the night away. The rest of the patrons were, how can I put it? Amusing. White guys failing around on the floor, some old folks getting down with a little more gyrating than I cared to see. Those of us on the edge of the floor were wide eyed and cracking up laughing. Their merriment was too hard to pass up though and (maybe influenced by a large margarita?), we jumped in to the mix as well. Now, I used to be quite the fun, dancing gal, but these days am an old lady. I’m a knitter with a cat for goodness sakes. My anti-coolness was confirmed when I didn’t know the moves to the Cupid Shuffle but I could kick it with a crazy gentlemen with a large 60s afro while he grapevined on the dance floor. My finest moment. We had a blast and I was glad I got to break in my cowboy boots on the dance floor with a stone cold pack of weirdos.


The next day, we packed up after my last conference sessions and headed to the Mercado in San Antonio. This may be my favorite area of San Antonio, especially because of the amazing grub. We walked, did lots of window shopping and had the most spectacular meal of the trip at Mi Tierra. I had Tacos de Mercado and am still craving this meal. I chose the carnitas and carne asada with charro beans. Yum, yum, yum! The best part was the salsa, the perfect consistency and spice. Then we picked up a massive bag of pastries at Mi Tierra’s Panaderia. So far, I’ve tried the empanada de calabaza (pumpkin) and campechana de guava. Oh. My. Goodness. Let me sum this up by saying that if you are ever in San Antonio, you have to stop here.

We had a wonderful dinner with friends that night and headed home. We had planned on staying longer, but found out about a Texas Birthday Celebration at Washington-on-the-Brazos, the birthplace of Texas. We had a blast watching demonstrations, learning about Texas and eating traditional 1830s fare, like corn dogs. I met a very talented weaver and watched her weave sashes with her portable loom. And since I already have lots of crafts to work on, I begrudgingly kept my wallet in my pocket even when I saw special cross-stitch kits and crafting kits for kids in the gift shop.

This was one of the best weekends I’ve had in Texas, even considering I was at work half of the time! I tried to Yelp about my experiences this weekend, which you can view on my Yelp profile.




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