Welcome, March!

Guess what? I have amazing news! I have a new niece! She is adorable, sweet, so tiny and with massive kissable cheeks. I am reeling with excitement because I cannot wait to hug her. The arrival of my niece, coupled with a long, long list of  knitted items to make for the special kids in my life made picking the blog theme for March a breeze: Kid’s Knits.

Kid’s knits are my personal favorite because you get to knit all of the cute, silly things you would never actual wear for yourself. That said, I really wouldn’t put it past myself to sport some yellow ducky booties. Back to the point, kid’s knits are typically quick, sometimes painless knits. Whenever I knit for kids, I’m always surprised at how quickly my pieces are done. Kid’s knitting also comes with some hurdles, from ensuring that you use the right type of eyes on baby toys to picking the right yarn, you have quite a bit to be concerned about.


By the end of the month, most of this should be knit, cripes!

This month, we will discuss all sorts of things, such as knitting books focused on kid’s knits, popular patterns, knitting stuffed toys, safety and comfort issues, and maybe even get some questions about sizing, something that has always been a thorn in my side. For instance, my new niece is a bit of a chubbo and I’m a little concerned about her fitting into something I’m making for her. Along with these topics, I will be embarking on a knitting challenge of my own. I will be knitting a massive amount of items for the kids in my life. You see that pile of yarn on the left? Yup, most of that should be knitted into fabulous pieces of clothes and squishy toys by the end of the month. Quite the challenge, I need to put my game face on right about now. You know you will hear all about this every step of the way, right? Good luck to you too….

If you have a burning question about knitting for the little ones your life, now is the time to post a question.  If I don’t know the answer, you know I will search like crazy until I can find it for you.

Get ready for some cheek pinching, “awwww” exclaiming knitting!





3 thoughts on “Welcome, March!

  1. You would totally rock the kid knits! I know I would. I actually gravitate toward them. Kitten mittens? Dragon scarf? Bacon scarf? Dwarven battle bonnet? Sign me up. I would definitely love to see the adult size duck booties… Chris’ mom loves funky slippers – maybe I should knit her some!

    Sizing on kid knits has caused issues for me too. I started a dress for Kaylee, but the collar wouldn’t make it over her head, haha.

    Good luck with the month of kid knits! May the (speed) knitting gods be with you!

    • Ug sizing…now that I’ve seen my niece I’m kind of worried my knit won’t fit her! It’s hard when you don’t have s baby and nothing to compare! Mickey is a tad uncooperative when it comes to knit modeling…. Hopefully I can find done answers for all of us!!

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