Let’s Take a Look: Comfort Knitting & Crochet for Babies & Toddlers

bookAs far as gifts go, my guy takes the cake. He always gets me really caring, thoughtful gifts that make me smile. This Valentine’s Day, he gave me a gift card to the best LYS in Houston and I cannot wait to splurge on some fancy yarn. He also gave me this adorable book on your left, just because of all of the new babies in our lives. From close friends to dear family, it seems like babies are popping up (or out?) everywhere we turn! How thoughtful is he? Keeper.

Today I thought I would take a look at my new book with you, since this perfectly meets the blog theme this week.

Let’s be frank. I refuse to even give you a day before you start the “awwww”-ing.

Get Ready.

The rundown:  Comfort Knitting & Crochet for Babies & Toddlers made me squeal. Maybe it is because I have a new niece and I want to squeeze her so badly, but I just can’t hold it in whenever I look at this book. There’s a few things I cannot wait to make and with all honesty, one of them is for me, not a baby. I do not apologize for this.

Here’s a peek.

campus onesieCampus Onesie

Okay, so the onesie is cute, but how about those chunky legs! I love this baby. Do you think it is possible to make request to the baby-gods that my future baby looks like this? In all seriousness though, I think this pattern may be perfect for some friends who are having their first baby. It is too early to know what they are having, so I could make this any color. I’m thinking teal and lime stripes.


Limonia Caterpillar

Grrr, so I am not the best crocheter in the world, and this makes me want to be. How cute is this? What a neat idea for a little stuffed toy? You can use a grip of your stash yarn on this project, while making something colorful and huggable. Win, win.


Tuxedo Romper

Doesn’t this look comfortable? I know it says “tuxedo”, which makes you think it would be okay for a boy but I’m pretty sure most of the men in my life would give me a huge “my boy isn’t wearing ruffles” sort of look. I love ruffles. I would totally sneak this on my boy if I had one. Then save it for my girl because it is too cute not to be used.


Yuzu Blanket

Look at those little chubby hands! This blanket is the cover photo for the book and is adorable. I love making baby blankets and this one is so interesting…I love the construction. I could imagine using all of the different colors in which you use to decorate your baby room to really tie in the décor.


Clementine Jumper

Look at that construction! I love original ideas like this. I also really love the buttons on the front, but are they are really close and easy to munch on? I only thought of this because I was one of those children that put everything in my mouth, a compulsion that has manifested in my need to touch everything, even cacti. I betcha you can think of some really cute things to add onto the front if this were a concern.

pomelo slicePomelo Slice

Okay, this is what I really love about this book. Who would ever think about a fruit slice stuffy much less a pomelo? I actually had to Google pomelo, which looks like a pear-orange and I want a bite of it pronto! I absolutely love this.



solaria blanket

Solaria Blanket

Shame. I want to make this so badly….for myself. Wouldn’t this be beautiful on our new bed? Or a rug if I make it out of really strong fiber? I am only saying this because I want to point out that this book is also fun for adults….

Overall, I give this books a dozen thumbs up. There are great, original ideas, from comfy clothes, warm blankets to squishy toys, incorporating different textures and patterns. Looking for some ideas? Check it out here at Ravelry or online at Berroco.

P.S. Can we just take a count of how many times I will say words like “adorable”, “cute” and “sweet” this month? I’m pretty sure it will be in the thousands.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Look: Comfort Knitting & Crochet for Babies & Toddlers

  1. THANK YOU for this! Great review. I’m dying for that pomelo and blanket…like, really. I’ve been desperately pinning blankets. I might have to scope this one and see if it can be converted to big-people size? Keep those baby knits coming!

  2. The pomelo is absolutely adorable! Love that blanket too. I’m tempted to buy the book just for those patterns…

    I’m semi-seriously considering making all the baby knits that make me squee, and storing them until more of my friends have babies. I’m not crazy, right? Baby projects are small, fast and don’t take up a lot of yarn or space. It’s logical!!!

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