Put an Owl On It

I’m trying to making some progress on Khloe’s Kardigan sleeves, but I realized that I actually don’t have the correct size DPNs and really just don’t like magic loop. Knitter problems.

Looking at the cardi last night, I was planning out the owl to make this weekend. To review, here’s the cardigan.

20130112-174559.jpgThe owl is actually a pattern for an owl ornament available at Juicy Bits. It is just pieces of felt and is a breeze to make (trust me on this, because I am physically incapable of cutting, sewing or anything else with straight lines and I could do it). I’ve made it once before for a decoration for the baby shower because her room is all owls (L.O.V.E.). In terms of colors, I think I’m liking the look of teal and pink together, with some yellow brought in. I am trying to decide if I want to knit a teal or yellow edging on to the sleeves and bottom.

I was thinking I would make my felt owl with the same colors as this one. So, dear readers….whaddya think? I also some have some pretty purples and really, felt is crazy cheap so I can go purchase every color possible while I search for DPNs.

Decisions, decisions.



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