Making Progress

new needlesI ran out to my local craft store to pick up some size six DPNs to finish work on the cardigan and was dismayed to find that the large craft chain store I was in didn’t carry any wooden DPNs. What in the world? Is knitting with double-points a dying art? Are all of you magic loopers ruining my parade? I refuse to give in! They always seem to have the metal Bates needles, but I really don’t like these and pretty much refuse to buy them. They clink, clack away and let’s face it, if there’s anything I’m really, really good at, it is dropping/spilling things, mostly when it comes to metal knitting needles and coffee. I really must add this to my resume.

However, they did have this line that I’ve recently noticed called Yarnology. I don’t know much about them but as far as I can tell they are less expensive, mass produced somewhere not in the USA versions of crafting tools, possibly Hobby Lobby’s own brand, which explains the lack of stock in wooden tools in the store perhaps. I’m not a huge fan of Hobby Lobby but it is the only craft store close to me so I am frequently sucked in. I had little hope for these DPNs because I so strongly prefer my wooden needles. Desperate to finish this project, I decided to give them a shot. Truthfully? I actually don’t mind them. Though they still aren’t as perfect as wooden tools and I likely won’t buy them again, these aren’t too bad and I definitely prefer them to the metal counterparts. They are tad bendy which makes life interesting and they are definitely slip-resistant. Plus, they have this decoration inside which makes me think of marbles. It is mesmerizing and is blowing my mind.

progressDespite this, I finished up the sleeves on the cardigan last night and am getting ready to make the owl today. I’m having a bit of a button issue, having bought a large container of pink buttons because who couldn’t find a perfect button in a stack of 200? This girl.

I have also been worrying that this cardigan will not fit my new niece because she seems like a little chunk to me. But I learned today that this is about the size for a 3-6 month old so I can now let out a huge sigh of relief. Seriously, how many of you have this issue too? I never seem to know what size will fit, having no kids of my own. Does this get easier when you have children? I tell you, by the end of this month I will have hunted down a few easy resources to help all of us child-free knitters!






4 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. @ Adrienne, whew I’m glad I wasn’t the only one panicking. I’m off to find some yellow buttons in the next few days. panic, panic, panic! @sleepinghorse, thank you so much!!

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