I promise that some finished pictures of Khloe’s Kardigan are on the way soon….just as soon as I find the buttons I like and I am completely happy with it.

In the meantime, I have started my next project in the kid’s knits journey. This is for my niece, who politely asked demanded that she wanted a dragon. It has a name already, that of which I cannot remember but I will fill you in as soon as I see her.

GrumpasaurusI found the cutest pattern possible, called Grumpasaurus courtesy of Just Crafty Enough. I realize that this may be a cantankerous dinosaur but secrets are meant to be kept. Luckily, my niece is so full of love that I think I could give her a green elephant and be like, oh yes….elephant dragons are the most rare of all….

So, I started my Grumpagon (get it, get it?) this weekend on a road trip.

Very exciting stuff.

Okay, it may have progressed a lot a bit more over the roadtrip so I owe you another picture. Right now, Grumpagon looks like a pear with a stuffed appendage. I dunno. Hopefully this will change once I add a face and feet to it?

Pray for me. She is bossy lovely.



2 thoughts on ““Grumpagon”

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