Oh My! Faceless Dragons and Other Lessor Known Reptiles

Well, Grumpagon is slowly growing and growing. He’s very interesting. I’m not sure he looks like an animal of any sort.

Here is how he was made:

  1. Knit a green blob that kinda looks like a pear, stuff it.
  2. Knit and attach a long, green appendage, stuff it.
  3. Stare, bewildered as the directions tell you to put a face on it.
  4. Show friends your pear with an arm.
  5. Knit little balls and attach feet and arms.
  6. Ahhh-haaa!

Then you have a faceless dragon.Grump2

Soon Grumpagon will have a lovely green scale running down his back to the tip of his tail. I’m sure it will all make sense then. Grump3

A friend suggested I make a little fire out of felt to put out of where Grumpagon’s mouth would be. Love this idea and hey, whatever helps!


I’m so glad that you can put a cute face on anything and suddenly it is adorable and exactly what you meant for it to be.

This experiment made me wonder what other sorts of wacky animals I can knit. You know I’m obsessed with knitting books, so here’s some fair warning:

Tomorrow I will post a list of some of the cutest knitted toys books I’ve ever laid eyes on. Some of them I’ve been drooling over for many years. If you do not wish to be tempted, stay away! At least you can’t say that I didn’t warn you.



One thought on “Oh My! Faceless Dragons and Other Lessor Known Reptiles

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