New Kids Knit Book Release!

Hi gang!

So, you may have noticed from The Big List of Tempting Knitted Toy Books that Susan B. Anderson is kind of a rock star.

Well, guess who completely blew my mind today? Yup, you betcha, Susan.  I just got wind of her new book which is quite possibly the coolest group of patterns I could ever dream up.

The book is called Topsy Turvy: Inside Out Knit Toys,which as the title suggests are reversible toys. Think chicken – turned – fox. Or Popples, only way cooler and you get to make ’em. Does anyone else remember these? I was obsessed with mine. It was white and rainbow colored and I just remember sitting in my room turning it inside and out for hours. Oh the things that occupy our brains for hours at a time when we are adults kids.

If you can’t believe how impossibly amazing this is, you can view the trailer here on You Tube.

AMIRIGHT?! Did your eyes get as BIG as mine right now?

Pardon me while I go find a brown paper bag to breathe into. Seriously, why am I such an incurable geek?



2 thoughts on “New Kids Knit Book Release!

  1. a.) I LOVE SUSAN ANDERSON! I may or may not have saved the email informing me that she re-pinned one of my pins on Pinterest. You’re in good company. #knitgeek

    b.) I LOVE POPPLES! I cannot fathom that someone else knows about this. Mine was white with a blue stomach. I must remember to retrieve him (her?) from my parents house next visit home.

    c.) I am off to knit a toy now. #thanksalot

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