Luigi Shroom



My Super Mario Time knit is done! Woo hoo!

Just to rehash, this little stuffed ‘shroom is for a special little boy who was recently grounded from video games, a pain that I’m sure will not be alleviated by receiving a reminder of his favorite game in the mail, oopsy! ….However, I did see a picture of this little one with a particular video game this weekend, so I think his mother broke down. I’m sure his handsome smiles had nothing to do with that.


Anyway, this little knit was actually super quick, it just took me a little while because I had a little break from knitting last week, which I will tell you all about tomorrow.

luigi shroom

My eyes are squishy. I like.

Back to the important stuff, this fungi is knit in the round on size 3 DPNs and is fairly simple, thought you must know colorwork to work the top. I think this would be a nice little introduction to colorwork for an advanced beginner who is looking for a non-stressful challenge. You just can’t be stressed out looking at those squishy little eyes, right?! The Luigi Toadstool, pattern can be found on Ravelry by Skyline Chilly. Truthfully, I’m actually thinking I will knit the Mario toadstool now too.

Though I’m happy to be done I find myself a bit weary because I’m so out of touch with anything gamer related. My brain says, “please, please let this be recognizable character from the game!!”  Does anyone else freak out over the “coolness” of something you knit for a kid? I still live by the notion that “rad” can all change depending on who you talk to, but the kids in my life now seem to have all of these perceived notions of coolness.

Sigh. Babies are so easy, what with all of their no speaking, lack of opinions and inability to dress themselves.

In the end though, this is from me (and I’m rad) so this will be loved. This has been proven by the fact that the cute owner of Grumpagon has not let go of her dragon yet. Holla!




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