A Knitter’s Lament

I have a confession. Last week? I got tired of knitting.

It’s true.

I think I spent so much time making the baby’s sweater and my niece’s dragon that I just got…well…burnt out. I know this happens to every knitter, but sigh…it’s still hard to handle. Especially when you are writing a blog about really fun knitting stuff, like kids toys. I remember picking up my Luigi ‘Shroom last week and just sighing, I really don’t feel like doing this right now. My guy assured me that I actually don’t have to and that I can even just sit and watch television with nothing in my hands at all, no project that I’m slaving away on. Erm?

So I did. I watched television. Period. And it was nice.

My heart just wasn’t in knitting at that moment and I came to realize, that’s okay. I love knitting so it’s bound to creep up again, it’s not like that part of me could ever go away, right?

The next night I picked up my cross-stitch because I guess I’m a crazy person who cannot sit still for more than a half hour. (BTW – I’m complete with the “I’m Hustlin’ part…waahoo!). And then I spent almost a week not knitting.

Then Sunday night, as my guy was doing his Spanish homework I did want I’ve done so frequently on Sunday when he his cramming for a test or writing a paper. I climbed into bed, propped up in my super cute owl pillow, grabbed my iPad and started watching Bridezillas. (I’m completely addicted to this absurdity and announced that I cannot wait to have a tiny Bridezilla moment, although we both know I’m far too much of a people-pleaser to even fathom throwing a fit). In a moment, my hands felt empty and I wanted to knit again!

The moral of this story is, well….you don’t have to knit every day, Pookah! Seriously, you can become easily burnt-out and it is okay to take a break. In fact, you need to. Your knitting should be infused with love, not exasperation. That’s just bad mojo, y’all.

My new goal is to spend at least a few hours of television watching without a project in my hands. Which, I’m sure means that I will have to sit on them but this is necessary for my sanity.

I finished my project that night and am happy to report that love was poured back into my Luigi ‘Shroom.



3 thoughts on “A Knitter’s Lament

  1. I’m right there with you, my friend! My only knitting days lately have been at knit group, and aside from a small bout with startitis (three projects cast on within a number of days), I’m focusing on other hobbies as well. For instance, I finished a BOOK this weekend! I love reading and I can’t even remember the last book I read. It felt really good. So knitting, you stay nice and cozy in that bag and wait for me. I’ll be back soon! 😉

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