So, What Size Will My Friend’s Baby’s Head Be in Two Months?

Yup, this is a question I’ve asked out loud before. Why, haven’t you?

By the way guys, this is the kind of stuff that makes non-knitters look at us like we are aliens.

Seriously though, this is not an unfounded question. I think we have all spent hours laboring over special knits for a kid only to be super bummed to find out that it does not actually fit. A good friend will never tell you that and will actually even take pictures of their kid squeezed into that cardigan, by the way.

Remember way back when I started this month’s theme and I promised answers to lots of important questions? My big question has always followed these lines: Hmmm.. okay…so this is a winter knit…the baby will be…erm…a year old in winter I think? Okay, what does that mean? How big are her feet?!

For those of us without children, this is worse because we have no idea of a baby’s size or what they should look like at 16 months (or a year and four months for those of us who don’t understand the inability to use years as a measuring device. What’s that about?!). So, we end up staring at baby’s head while in line for the grocery and wondering how we can go about asking the mama how old her baby is a non-judgmental way. Because really, I’m totally sizing up your baby and comparing her to my niece. Hey, I’m trying to knit a hat… I’m sorry.

Earlier this month I was set into a panic when I heard that my newborn niece was weighed seven pounds. That seemed ginormous! I was incredibly worried that she would not fit into the cardi I was slaving away at knitting. I held it up to every mother and grandmother I knew and felt only slight assured when they said it would be fine. Then I met her and was embarrassed that I ever questioned this. That chubby will fit into the cardi when she is probably 4-6 monts old, whew.

Here’s the first tip. Just follow the pattern and stop freaking out. Usually this will suffice if you don’t have grand plans of deviating. Lots of baby knit books, such as any number of Debbie Bliss books, have patterns with directions for 0-3 months, 4-6 months, a year old, and onward. Follow. The. Plan.

If you think you are bright, like me, and want to make up a pattern….good luck do you research before casting on. Your best bet is to follow the guidelines set by the Craft Yarn Council.

cyca_logoIn all things knit related, I can guarantee you that they know better than me every time. Here’s the links for sizing…bookmark these, now!

Now that you have all of the answers, knit away! Does anyone have plans for knitting for a little one, please share your Ravelry queue with me! Or completed baby knits you’d like to share…I would love some pictures, folks!



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