Mario ‘Shroom

My HipstaPrint 961578949Luigi’s gotta new friend! Having realized how quick of a knit the Luigi ‘Shroom was, I realized I had lots of time and it was only right to get the duo together. What’s a Luigi without his Mario?

They are quite the pair, aren’t they? Super squishy and the perfect size to throw around for your own Super Mario battles. My favorite little boy’s birthday is coming up soon so I think this will be a perfect gift for the video game addict.

My HipstaPrint marioLooking at the Mario ‘Shroom I realize that he’s really the perfect size and pattern for a cupcake. Don’t cha think? I could totally knit this with a chocolate bottom and a strawberry  pink top. Maybe sew in some sparkly beads for sprinkles? Ooh!

Or….maybe I just have sweets on the brain. Happy Easter all!






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