April Showers Bring…

….a new blog theme!

Yes, yes…extremely boney, I know.

Deal with it.

So, I have a long list of ideas for each month but I just didn’t really dig any of them for April. Instead, I sat down and thought about what the arrival of the spring season meant to me.

My HipstaPrint 961578949-1Visions of spring brought many sights, sounds and smells to mind….from my OCD-inspired spring cleaning, to romantic the tweets of a robin or bleets of sheep.  It all seems so fresh, clean and pastel pretty. Oh but let’s not forget the inches of pollen on my car, causing me to scream “let it rain!” to the rain gods so something can stop my itchy nose.
Sigh spring….how romantic.

This month I am going to treat you to an “All Things Spring” month, from DIY cleaning products to planting a new garden…of course with some crafting and knitting for the season.

As you can see, I have lots of ideas but what about you? Are there activities that just scream SPRING to you?



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