Spring Has Sprung!

photo 1April showers are definitely full force here in Texas. I’m loving the rain right now and this may give you a good guess why. Can you guess what I got into this weekend?!

Yup, as promised, this month will focus on spring and planting a garden is the spring activity I’ve looked forward to the most. I love veggies (despite my whining when I was a kid) and can’t wait to grow my own. I’ve vowed that my black thumb of death will be beaten!photo 3

Easter weekend was gorgeous and I was itching to get outside, hence a trip to Lowe’s to gather lots of garden materials. I was a crazy person when I reached this shelf of vegetables. Seriously, I couldn’t grab enough! Did you know there is such thing as Cinnamon Basil? Like some crazy hybrid spicy basil? And Orange Mint? No joke. Blew my mind.

photo 3-1


This was just the beginnings of our cart, including tomato, pepper, cucumber, okra, watermelon and more and more!











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