I Can Dig It

After I very helpfully supervised the planting of our new garden I was handed a shovel.


Really, I swear I planted a few veggies and fruits, especially the pots. Sweet Jesus, please grow pots! The reign of the black thumb of death must stop.

Inplum tree addition to our veggie and fruit plants, we decided to really test our green thumbs and get plum trees. We’ve actually been wanting a fruit tree for a while, so when we saw all of the trees available at Lowe’s, well….I think I might have ran. We had quite a few choices, but we love plums so they were the clear winner.

Of course, we had to pick the one tree in the lot that needs to cross pollinate. This, kids, is why you must always read directions. Can you imagine how mad I will be if there are no fruit after all of this? Like the good direction-follower I am, we bought two plum trees, one Bruce and one Methley, as per the tag they will cross-pollinate.

Confused as to what cross-pollination is? Here’s the skinny (if you’d like to read it and don’t trust my scientific explanation therein, that is). In a nutshell, it is when the pollen from one plant or tree must land on another in order for the plant to pollinate, a.k.a produce fruit. Which is really the whole point of this hole-digging so I better get some darn fruit, you know?!

I’m a huge geek for building things so for some reason digging a hole seemed like great fun to me. Even despite the iron ore that is so populous on our land, digging a hole wasn’t too bad. That said, my guy made the outline and even started it for me. I sound very spoiled, don’t I?

treeEager to help, I put on some gloves, grabbed the shovel and went to work. I know this sounds awfully transcendent and strange, but digging in the earth is pretty awesome. I love being outside and outside work just seems to be a great stress reliever while “connecting with the Earth”, whatever that means. Digging a hole is also great back and leg exercise, evidenced by the soreness the next day. So there’s that. Ow.

Look at that fabulous work I did! Our two plum trees are spaced out about 25 feet apart so we’ve done our job. Plus, I shouted at them “Okay, go! Cross-pollinate kids!” when I walked away, so I think we are in good shape.

My work is done here.



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